Mug Shots – 2014

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Click this button to pay online!  Make sure you put the jail birds name you are posting bail for on the reference line!  Also, some people deserve to do more time – if you would like to up a jailbird’s bail amount (keep them in jail longer) be sure to let us know.  Thank you for support AZ Academy’s Scholarship Fund – The Fire Burns Within!


Danny Matarangas-KingDanny Matarangas-King

Stalking with the intent to solicit donations for AZ Academy

Bail set $2,000

Fran Geocaris

Aiding and A”betting” again

Bail set $2,100

Senator Sanes

Charges pending

Bail set $1,000

Mauree Heller

Providing tactical combat training to youth

Bail set $2,000

Kimani JohnsonKimani Johnson

Plotting to rule the world of skateboarding

Bail set $214

Kenny GittensKenny Gittens

Charges pending

Bail set $2,000

Don deWildeDon deWilde

Teaching too many tennis lessons to the young and old

Bail set $2,000

John and Janet WickJohn & Janet Wick

Conspiring to live on a beautiful island

Bail set $2,000

Joseph SchraderJoseph Schrader

Promoting excellent vocational skills at C-TEC

Bail set $1,000

Michelle GibbsMichelle Gibbs

Smiling too much while providing excellent customer service

Bail set $750

Diane CapehartDiane Capehart

Charges pending

Bail set $1,000

Whitney CarterWhitney Carter

Trying to paint the world beautiful with gorgeous art

Bail set $2,008

Mervelle SageMervelle Sage

Soliciting high test scores from minors

Bail set $1,000

Kirk ChewningKirk Chewning

Promoting excessive achievement of young professionals

Bail set $1,000

Melinda MoranMelinda Moran

Teaching evolution to adolescents

Bail set $1,000

Stephen BaileyStephen Bailey

Kidnapping and torturing AZ student with SAT practice, homework and room cleaning

Bail set $2,000

Warren Mosler

Making unsolicited proposals to cut WAPA bills in half and much more

Bail set $3,000

Kathy HendryKathy Hendry

Conspiring to reduce unemployment in the USVI

Bail set $1,000

Larry Williams

Charges pending

Bail set $2,000

Jessica CuylerJessica Cuyler

Stealing TV airtime for personal use

Bail set $1,000

Diane Burns

Stealing golf balls from the pond

Bail set $1,000

Maria Fonrouge

Providing good times and good food

Bail set $1,000

Coco Landreneau

Still licking excessively despite warnings

Bail set $500