Jail or Bail 2014


Saturday, April 26th, 2014 • Court begins at 12 Noon at the Comanche Mill Yacht-Less Club

What is Jail or Bail? Jail or Bail brings together the community’s most wanted leaders and citizens for a common cause…education. At the AZ Academy Jail or Bail, volunteer jailbirds serve time in a mock jail. Prisoners are arraigned before a volunteer judge on trumped-up, outlandish charges, such as “aiding the improvement of education”. The jailbird is then sentenced to spend time in “the slammer” to raise bail in the form of donations to AZ Academy’s scholarship fund.

Jail or Bail jailbirds were able to raise over $30,oo0 in donations and pledges, which allows AZ Academy to offer student’s financial aid as well as full scholarships. The first Jail or Bail in 2009 created a buzz throughout St. Croix and many look forward to it each year. We have received overwhelming positive feedback from both jailbirds and supporters alike. 

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Danny Matarangas-King

Stalking with the Intent to Solicit Donations for AZ Academy

Bail set $2,000