September, 2013

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Friday Looking Forward News – Quick Notes

·         Fall Festival News

o   Please sell your raffle tickets and ads and turn them in every Thursday!  Encourage your student to support their school by participating in this important fundraiser!

o   Committee chair and committee sub-chair meeting tonight, 9/27/2013, at 5:30PM on the main pavilion!

·        Beach Cleanup – Wednesday, October 2nd

o   From 9:45 – 11:45am on Wednesday 3rd-12th graders will be doing a beach cleanup at shoreline next to Seaborne Airlines.

o   Gloves and trash bags will be provided, and parents are welcome to come!

o   Permission slips will be sent home on Monday.

o   Pre-K -2nd will remain on campus and complete a campus cleanup J

      Picture Day Next Friday – 10/4/2013

o   Picture order forms are due!  If you need a new copy, let the office know – 718-7909.

o   Everyone will have their picture taken, whether they order pictures or not, so everyone should be dressed for a picture.

o   A white shirt does not photograph well – choose a color that compliments your student.

·         AZ Enrichment Center Kicks Off

o   We finished our first week of the AZ Enrichment Center, and it was a huge success!  With an enrollment of 70+ students, this after school program is almost as big as our day school program.

o   If you come early to pick up your student, look for the gentlemen in white shirts – Jahdeem and Diata – they will go and get your student for you!

·         Mid-Quarter 1 Mark Approaching

o   The mid-quarter mark is next Monday, and on Friday mid-quarter progress reports will be sent home with your student.  Ask for it!

o   Also, we have published user name and passwords for accessing our online grade books for grades 3 and up at – check it out!

Ancient History is in the Past!

Archaeology- TorresSo far in Ancient History we have learned all about maps and how to find location on a map or globe.  By utilizing latitude and longitude we will be able to find the absolute location of any place on Earth.  This skill is foundational to studying ancient history.

Our adventure has now begun by learning about Archaeology as a science.  One major thing we have learned is Archaeologists DO NOT dig up dinosaur bones!  This was a major misconception in the class.  By studying archaeology we better understand how scientists have learned about the past.  We will be having a guest speaker and a field trip to analyze artifacts!

After archaeology we will begin our journey into the past by beginning with Paleolithic hunters and gatherers.  It should be an exciting adventure!

Mrs. Torres

Read, Read, and Share!

4th grade readers“Diary of a Wimpy Kid”, “Shark Attack!”, “My Father’s Dragon” and “Bunnicula” are some of the wonderful books the fourth graders have been enjoying so far this year.  Each student gets to choose a book that interests them. Then they are encouraged and required to read these book during class and any free time they have throughout the day.

The fourth grade students have surprised me with their varied and eclectic choices of books. It excites me to see their enthusiasm for reading. They love to share that enthusiasm with their classmates. We listen to the students share their favorite chapter or an exciting oral summary of the book they finished. This tends to pique the interest of their classmates and the book is then passed from one student to the next.

The fourth grade is off to an incredible start and I can’t wait to see where the journey will take us throughout the year. There are so many awesome books just waiting for our class to discover!

Ms. Moran

Frankenstein Today? Students Wonder

Do The Frankenstein - High SchoolMs. Cissel’s high school literature class has been primarily focused on reading the gothic classic, Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley. Working alongside Ms. Crowther’s English class, the two classes have been collaborating on analyzing the text to fully comprehend the literary elements it contains.

 The classes meet every Friday to discuss what they have read and work in groups researching related topics to present to the class. So far, it has been an extraordinary success, and everyone has been enjoying the interaction. Also, Ms. Cissel’s class has been divided into groups of two, to research arguments about the ethics and methods of cloning. Upon completion, each pair of students will be presenting their research to the class. It is a sophisticated topic, and is proving to be an excellent challenge for everyone. 

In addition to reading about cloning, Ms. Crowther’s class has read informational text about the race to make the first atomic bomb.  This ties into another theme from Frankenstein – dangerous knowledge. When Ms. Crowther’s class is not busy reading, they are doing student-chosen projects based on evidence from the book such as drawing a picture of Frankenstein, making a character trait graphic organizer, or developing vocabulary skills. 

It’s an all-round frightfully good time to be an AZ Academy high school student!

 Mrs. Cissel and Mrs. Crowther

Detectives Search for Clues

Saum 3rd-4th GradeWelcome to an exciting school year at AZ Academy!

AZ Academy’s third and fourth graders have been off to a great start getting to know each other, learning classroom rules and procedures, and creating a safe and nurturing environment! They are having fun learning what it means to be a super sleuth as they explore their various subjects. They have investigated an assortment of reading books, plant and animal life cycles, and the components of a community. It’ll be a mysteriously wonderful school year!

Ms. Saum

An AZ Academy Constitution is Signed

Second Grade- First Day of School (500x375)We have had such a successful beginning of second grade at AZ Academy for the 2013-2014 school year.  Our group is nicely abiding by our “Classroom Constitution” rules, monitoring behavior, and ensuring that we have a quiet learning environment in our room.  The students are constantly aware of their behavior and their status on our “How Am I Doing?” chart.  Thank you to all of the parents for reviewing charts nightly and creating a positive home/school connection by supporting good behavior in the classroom.  Below is our student-created list of rules.  We’re off to a great start!

Classroom Constitution

1.                  Golden Rule:  Treat others the way that you would like to be treated.

2.                  Only one person should be speaking at a time.

3.                  Use an inside voice in the classroom.

4.                  Use good manners.

5.                  Be kind.

6.                  ALWAYS try your personal best.

7.                  Raise your hand to speak or to get out of your seat.

8.                  Put things back where you found them.

9.                  Please have quiet hands and feet in the classroom.

10.              Remember the 5 “B’s.”

Ms. Harris

Reading Takes Two – Your Student and You!

Mother and Son Reading Bible TogetherIt’s been a great start to the new school year in literature and science in the upper grades.  The middle school literature students have spent the first weeks of school working on the writing process.  We are in the final stages of completing our first big writing project.  We have made clusters and timelines which help writers organize their thoughts and ideas before actually writing their story.  Final drafts of the stories are due next week.  We also do daily SSR (sustained silent reading).  Each student has started to keep a reading log that goes home with them at night.  Students are asked to read a minimum of twenty minutes each night and write a short summary on what they have read.  Please check this log, initial it, and ask your child about what books they are reading.  The research done on the importance of reading tells us that reading with and to your child on a daily basis is crucial.  Some reasons why reading is so important:

  • A stronger relationship with you. As your child grows older, he’ll/she’ll be on the move—playing, running, and constantly exploring his environment.  Instead of being seen as a chore or a task, reading will become a nurturing activity that will bring the two of you closer together.
  • Academic excellence. Exposing your child to reading will help them be more successful in all facets of formal education. After all, if a student struggles to put together words and sentences, how can he/she be expected to grasp the math, science, and social concepts he’ll be presented with at all grade levels.
  • Better communication skills. When you spend time reading to your child, they’ll be much more likely to express themselves and relate to others in a healthy way and gain valuable communication skills.
  • More logical thinking skills. Reading helps a child’s ability to grasp abstract concepts, apply logic in various scenarios, recognize cause and effect, and utilize good judgment.
  • The knowledge that reading is fun! Reading helps kids view books as an indulgence, not a chore. Kids who are exposed to reading are much more likely to choose books over video games, television, and other forms of entertainment as they grow older.

Thank you so much for your involvement and support in your child’s education.

Mr. Dauner

Young Gardeners Explore AZ Academy!

prekThis month pre-kindergarteners through first graders have already been very busy! We started a science project on plants and you can see our students are hard at work. During the first phase of our project we walked around AZ Academy and made drawings of different plants.  We hope to take a visit to the “Garden Spot” to see some of the local plants.  Plus, our planter outside our classroom will be getting some plants soon.

Mrs. Tangyuk and Mrs. Rupp

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