October, 2013


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Friday Looking Forward News – Quick Notes

The AZ Academy calendar is quite full in the month of November – check out all of the happenings this month below!

  • Fall Festival News

    • Thank you to our parents, students, and faculty for all of their hard work to pull off this event!  You were all incredible!!!  So many people stepped up to the plate and worked at full speed to make this event a HUGE SUCCESS!
    • A special thank you to our committee chairs and key coordinators…
      • Liz Galiber – Event Coordinator
      • Julie Landreneau – Event Coordinator
      • Robin Freeman – Volunteer Coordinator
      • Julie Wright – Front Gate & Baked Goods Coordinator
      • Kelly Holmes, Roy Nelleke, Danny Matarangas-King, and Gordon Corry – Concession & Bar Coordinators
      • Luis Cintron – Setup, Security, and Clean-up Coordinator
      • Sarah Maynard – Prize Booth Coordinator
      • Joya Joseph – Games Coordinator
      • Kama Rodgers – Entertainment Coordinator
    • We banked over $23,000 the night of the event, compared to just under $19,000 last year!  Over 1,700 people attended!  We raised $8,600 in sponsorships, $2,900 with the Activity Book, and so far $6,700 in raffle sales! Congratulations AZ Dragons!
    • Please send back to school any unsold tickets by Thursday of next week – thank you!
  • Quarter 1 Ends – Report Cards & Portfolios Next Wednesday, 11/6

    • Report cards for all grade levels will be sent home with portfolios next Wednesday.
    • For 3rd grade and up, log onto www.engradepro.com to read comments and see homework, quiz, and test grades. You can also see Common Core State standards linked to specific assignments.
    • Portfolios are a compilation of student work for the quarter.  Look through your student’s portfolio with him/her, discussing strengths and areas for improvement in the upcoming quarter.  Please return the portfolio to school once you have reviewed it.
    • Please feel free to contact any teachers you would like to speak with about grades and goals for the upcoming quarter!
  • PE Swimming Unit Ends – Fitness Training for Quarter 2

    • The weather is cooling, and our PE swimming unit is now over until spring.
    • Mr. Hector will be transitioning to a fitness unit – students will need to be dressed for PE, and they will need to have a water bottle and a sweat cloth with them on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s!
  • Spirit Event – Friday, 11/8 @ 2:05PM

    • This month we will focus on problem-solving puzzles to challenge our Blue and Silver Teams’ brains!
    • As always, parents are welcome to attend :)
  • Movie Night – Friday, 11/8 @ 6:30PM

    • Join the Student Council for this very popular night out!
    • Pizza, chips, popcorn, water and juice for sale, or bring your own!
  • Yard Sale on Saturday, 11/9  - Postponed Until Early December

  • No School – Monday, 11/11 – Veteran’s Day

  • OxFam Hunger Banquet – Wednesday, 11/13 @ 11:45

    • This event for students in grades 3-12 is a simulation of the problem of world hunger with surprising twists.  It is also a fundraiser for OxFam America (that does incredible work all over the world) and My Brother’s Table (that is a dedicated food kitchen in Fredricksted).  Parents are welcome to participate!
    • To begin looking at the kinds of donations your student can make at this event, check out this website: https://www.oxfamamericaunwrapped.com/all-gifts/
  • Parent Night – Wednesday, 11/13 @ 6:00PM

    • Join us for a family style dinner, and then while the children play flashlight freeze tag on the playground, parents play their own games!
    • This month features TABOO – a party game that is easy to learn and play, and it’s never boring!  Come laugh with us and enjoy an evening with your AZ Academy family!
  • Thanksgiving Luncheon – Wednesday, 11/27 @ Noon

    • This annual potluck luncheon is a family favorite tradition at AZ Academy!
    • Students should wear event dress – please check the Student/Parent Handbook on the home page of AZ’s website if you need to review this policy.
    • In the upcoming weeks, parents will be asked to sign up for a dish – please respond quickly so that we can adequately plan – Thank you!

Middle & High School Science and Literature Classes Have Been Busy!

This first quarter seems to be moving along quickly at AZ Academy.  We are covering lots of material in the science and literature classes.  Science classes have been studying cells, animals, ecology, and doing some fun hands-on activities.  The Literature II class is finishing up our first book together.  Brian’s Winter is the sequel to Hatchet, a book which many students read over the summer.  Literature III students just completed reading Call of the Wild, a classic American novel by Jack London.  In our workshop (elective) class we have been discussing economics.  Students are learning about supply and demand, wants vs. needs, and the importance of budgeting.  One of the projects was to create a family food budget for a family of four with limited funds.  In groups, the students then had to present their budget to the rest of the class.  Needless to say, the students had a bit of an eye opener on feeding a family, but also had fun doing the activity.  Please continue reading with your children every chance you get.  One of my favorite memories is my mother reading to me as a child.  It’s something they will never forget!

Please contact me anytime if you have questions or concerns.

Mr. Clark Dauner

Halloween Comes to Room 3A

3aThe Pre-k, kindergarten, and first graders are flying into Halloween activities.  Counting pumpkins, moving to spooky music like ghosts and witches, learning about bats as the only flying mammal, and eating pumpkin bread are just a few of our activities this month. The students love to listen to stories related to Halloween and draw and write what they remember from them. Their vocabulary is expanding by the day with spooky Halloween words and a cast of characters. “Five Little Pumpkins” is a favorite rhyme!

Coming Soon . . .The AZ School Store!

Mrs. Crowther’s Discrete Math class has been organizing a proposal for a school store.  They hope to have the store open in time for the holiday season.  It will be run by the students in the class and will be open before and after school.  The store will be in Mrs. Crowther’s room – room 1A.  The store will mainly sell school supplies.  The students have been busy searching websites looking for low shipping costs and best prices.  They have been calculating cost per item to determine which sites have the best prices.  In a field trip to Undercover Books in Gallows Bay, the students learned the basics of running a store which has helped them to develop their proposal. We’re very excited, and will make a big announcement about our grand opening when we are ready!

Dulcie Crowther

Learning Support Specialist

 Go Team!

Second Grade-Teamwork 001 (640x480)Second grade is moving right along!  We have spent the beginning of the year learning what qualities characterize a Second Grade-Teamwork 002 (640x480)good partner and team member within our classroom.  The children are learning the significance of listening, as well as offering support to a friend when working together.  Our class completes buddy reading activities each morning and collaborates as small groups to complete scientific investigations, as well as other discussions.  Positive communication and body language signifying a ready group member are important attributes as well. It’s a work in progress, but we have already come a long way in learning to get along and be a productive part of a partnership or group.  Go second grade team!

Intermediate Math 5 is Chugging Along

It’s been an exciting and productive quarter in Intermediate Math 5! We have covered lots of topics and strengthened our math skills.  Some of Torres photo (640x480)the math skills we have been working on are:

  • Fractions
  • Fact Fluency
  • Word Problems
  • Problem Solving
  • Factors and Factoring
  • Division

When interviewed, Zarina’s recommendation for 5th grade math was, “Know your multiplication tables really well”. We are certainly working on that, and a lot more in Math 5. These kids are going to come out of this class being math magicians!

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