November, 2013



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November’s Spirit Event

se 1While the pre-k – 4th graders played a giant board game, the 5-12th graders were divided into teams for a problemse 2 solving activity. Given tape, straws, paper, index cards, a latex glove, and a balloon, students had to devise a vehicle to transport an egg on a flat surface as close to 90cm as they could get. The competition was fierce, but most teams constructed a similar design where the egg was taped inside of the roll of tape. However, one team came up with a different idea – they used the materials to build a ramp where the egg could just roll across the table, taking the win for the Blue Team. Great job, Jordan, Ian, and Zarina!

Mek By Ah Crucian Logo Contest

contestTaeja won the contest with a colorful logo that featured bright flowers and a necklace. Runner-ups included Rebecca and Kurtis, but Ms. Flores thanks all of the contestants for a job well done!

Oxfam Hunger Banquet

ox 1

The OxFam Hunger Banquet raised students’ awareness about the issues of poverty and hunger. Did you know…

• A child dies every 3 seconds of hunger or a preventable disease

• There is enough food in the world to feed everyone

• My Brother’s Table in Frederiksted serves over 15,000 meals a yearox 2

Students from AZ as well as the Good Hope Country Day School learned all this and more. Together, we raised $266 and collected 43 cans of food for My Brother’s Table and Oxfam America.

Thanksgiving Luncheon

It’s been a wet November, and that was no more evident than in the first few minutes of AZ Academy’s 16th Annual Thanksgiving Luncheon, where a giant squall blew in and blew over a tent! But like troopers, the community pushed through it and got down to the business of eating the lovely feast prepared by our families. Everything was delicious and we got to enjoy each others’ company nonetheless – thank you!

Parent Night – This Wednesday @ 6:00PM!

Due to an event at Gallows Bay that is quite popular, Parent Night has been moved back a week, and BINGO is back. Join us for a great time – dinner and babysitting included, so mark your calendar 

Yard Sale This Saturday

Do you need to clean out your closets and your children’s toy box to make room for those new holiday gifts? Then reserve a space at our yard sale on Saturday, December 7th. Gates open to set up at 6:30AM, and gates open to buyers at 7:30AM. The fee for the general public is $25, but for AZ Academy families, it’s only $20. So call the office to reserve your space today! 340.718.7909

Movie Night, Friday, December 13th @ 6:30PM

avengersCome and enjoy the movie in your pajamas! Hot chocolate and baked goods will be on sale to help celebrate the holiday season. Popcorn, Pizza, and drinks will also be on sale. All proceeds benefit the AZ Student Council.

Nick Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D. assembles a team of super humans to save the planet from Loki and his army.

Director: Joss Whedon

Stars: Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson |

Winter Celebration – Friday, December 20th @ 1:30PM

Take off early from work on Friday, December 20th for our Winter Celebration at the Mahogany Stage. With skits, poems, songs, and performances by our 2 bands, this event is sure to be a treat that leads us into our winter break with a smile on our faces!

3rd Grade Awards!

Saum NovThe 3rd graders are off to a busy start this second quarter! Our language arts class has divided into small reading groups and each one is enjoying a different book series: The Secret of Droon: The Hidden Stairs and the Magic Carpet, A to Z Mysteries: The Absent Author, and The Spiderwick Chronicles: The Field Guide. They are also working on their first major writing paper – opinion writing! In our math class we have been focusing on learning some of the basic multiplication facts. The students are doing great and have even earned some awards for the multiplication facts they have memorized! Keep it up 3rd grade!

Studying the Geography of the United States

In World Geography class the students have been diligently learning all about the US. They now know about the regions, the rivers, the Great Lakes and the mountains. One of the biggest challenges was to memorize each state’s location, its abbreviation, and the capital city. WOW! What a challenge. Can you name all states and their capitals? Challenge your student to a competition; it should be interesting seeing who wins!

Boy Scouts @ AZ

boy scout pic 1Troop and Pack 34 came together with all the other scouts on the island to help honor our veterans this past Veteraboy scout pic 2n’s Day Parade. They represented AZ spirit by marching with pride and confidence. The Boy Scout troop is proud to welcome 6th grader, Kamani and former student, Corey that joined the troop 34 family. The boys are preparing to camp at Shell Island next weekend and to help the younger cub scouts learn how the older boys work together and learn new and exciting skills.

Middle School Literature News

The second quarter is well under way. The middle school literature classes are reading books like Brian’s Return (a survivalist story) and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. We’re also continuing to work on becoming better writers. We have focused on choosing topics, organizing the characters, plot and setting of stories, and trying to increase our vocabulary to make our stories more in-depth and interesting. Language workouts (grammar usage) continue to be a part of our weekly lessons as well as spelling tests and reading logs. Please ask your child about what they are reading and writing. Building vocabulary gives you the ability to say what you mean, better understand other people, it allows you to communicate effectively, and helps you become a better reader. Encourage your child to use these five easy strategies to build their vocabulary:

• Read, read, read – this is the single best thing you can do

• Listen to others, after all, this is how we learned words when we were toddlers

• Write down words you don’t know. Save them for later

• Write down the meaning of new words and keep a vocabulary journal

• Use new words you have learned in conversations with people

You may hear from you child that I often have them get up in front of the class and share their stories. For many kids, this takes them outside their comfort zone. I can see, however, that many of the students are getting better at it. They are less hesitant to get up and read in front of the group and are more excited to share their stories. Many are now asking to share their writing. We also spend time giving feedback and constructive criticism. I am seeing their confidence in reading, speaking, and story-telling beginning to grow which will help them throughout their lives.

Please contact me with any questions or concerns. Thank you.

Mr. Clark Dauner

Math Madness!

Second Grade- Fractions #2 (480x640)Second Grade- Fractions (640x480)Second Grade- Measurement (480x640)Our second grade mathematicians are busy with hands-on learning in our classroom. We have spent the past several weeks working on measurement activities and learning about equivalent fractions. The children worked in small groups to explore pizza fraction pieces and play games to compare the sizes of various fractions of a whole. We also worked as partners to measure the length and circumference of our bodies using string and unifix cubes. Partner and team work are an essential component of our hands-on learning. What a fun way to focus on math!

School Store Grand Opening a Success!

The AZ Academy School Store had its grand opening on Wednesday, November 27, 2013, after the Thanksgiving Luncheon. Many students and parents came to take a peek and see what we had to offer. There was a vast array of fun and funky school supplies for sale as well as items for holiday giving. Skipping the crowds on Black Friday, many students got their shopping taken care of at The AZ Academy School Store.

The school store is presented to you by the high school Discrete Math class. It is located in room 1A – two doors to the left of the office. Regular store hours will be Thursday afternoon from 3-3:30 and Friday morning from 7:20 – 7:40. We look forward to seeing you!

Festive Fun in Pre-K – 1st Grade

prek 1As we glide into the festive season of giving thanks, the pre-k to 1st grade students prek 2celebrated lots of birthdays during this month of November. The students were treated to cake, ice cream, juice and other goodies by parents, and they enjoyed every moment of it. These are some of the most memorable experiences in a child’s life.

We also had a visit from the Humane Society with Buster the dog. Students listened to a story about caring for pets. We learned about the first Thanksgiving and why it came to be. Our class discovered that they have many things to be thankful for!!!

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