May, 2016

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Summer Camp 2016 – STX Big Island Adventure Camp @ AZ Academy!

logo 2016As we move into summer, AZ Academy wants all of its students to stay busy, busy!  If you haven’t already made plans, check out the STX Big Island Adventure Camp @ AZ Academy – we have incredible plans for an exciting summer!  Horseback riding, jeep tours, go carts, beach adventures, paddle boarding…the list of engaging activities goes on an on.  Registration in open – click here to sign up now!

Summer Assignments

Summer assignments in reading and mathematics are available online!  Students who complete the enrollment/re-enrollment process for grades 1-8 in Achieve will be send their user names and passwords for Sum Dog next week, and students in high school need to set up their Khan Academy account.  Please do not hesitate to contact Paula Heller if you need any help!

School Supply List

The School Supply List for next year is ready!  Please ensure that your student has everything they need for school success by purchasing everything on the list before school begins.

Report Cards and Standardized Testing Results

If you did not already pick up your student’s report card and standardized testing results, they are now available for pick-up in the upper office from Ms. Sarah or Ms. Kishma.

Math Course 1 News

It is with great dragon pride that I announce that all of my Math Course 1 students finished 100 multiplication facts in less than 5 minutes.  The students earned a free period and an extra point on the final exam.  Way to go!

Sara Fauquher


The golf program wrapped up on Friday with a scramble competition. Colin, Izzy, and Aidan B. made up the winning team! I have big plans for expanding the golf program next year, so I encourage students to maintain their skills this summer. Also, AZ Academy gives a big thank you to Kevin, Fitzroy, and John at Carambola for allowing us to use their beautiful facility and for working with the students.

Mauree Heller

Mr. Smith Goes to Mount Victory

I was asked my Mrs. Crowther and Mrs. Eden to accompany them and a few of our middles schoolers on their overnight trip to Mount Victory Eco-Camp, which is in the rain forest out in Frederiksted. Let me tell you that we had a blast! We roasted smore’s by a camp fire, made our own bowls out of calabash fruit, and learned a lot about various plants indigenous to the island. If your child missed out on this trip, I definitely wouldn’t miss out on it next year. Mount Victory is such an amazing place. I may go back just to camp out by myself!

Justin Smith

Mathematicians at Work!

Our Math Work enrichment group spent the school year reinforcing skills that were being introduced during third and fourth grade math classes.  Students played games, worked collaboratively on activities to practice concepts, and learned how to dissect word problems to solve them.  The Eureka Math program has word problems integrated throughout the curriculum; therefore, learning how to create visuals to correctly solve problems was a primary focus.  Please continue to have your child practice math skills in everyday life this summer through hands-on learning opportunities.  Have a safe, enjoyable summer!

Chelsy Harris

Mr. Clark’s Corner

Happy end of the school year!  Our ELA class finished reading “Frindle” together.  It was a fun book to share with the kids.  Please ask your child about the storyline.  We also finishing up adverbs, which is the final grammar unit for fourth grade.  The math class has done fantastic this year.  They completed the final unit on May 11th, which means the remainder of the year has be spent on review.  We will revisit all the material we covered this year, and if time, go a little more in depth into decimals and fractions which make up the bulk of the fifth grade math curriculum.  I’ve really enjoyed having these students in class this year and watching them grow and succeed.  I hope all of you have a fantastic and relaxing summer break!

Clark Dauner

Seeing Double

Students in ELA III, IV and V (7-12th grade) have been investigating when to double final consonants before adding a suffix to a word. Most students remember from long ago that if a word has one syllable, one vowel, and one final consonant (the 1-1-1 rule), the final consonant is doubled before adding a vowel suffix. But things get a little dicier when a word has more than one syllable. Commitee or committee? Refering or referring? Concured or concurred? Begining or beginning? Do you know? These words are frequently misspelled. Here’s the guideline: if the syllable just before the suffix is stressed (com + MIT + ee) and follows the 1-1-1 rule, double the final consonant before adding a vowel suffix. Now, go back and read the word pairs, listen for the stressed syllable, and decide which word is spelled correctly.

Dulcie Crowther & Gwen Eden

3rd Graders Eat Fractions!

May has been full of adventure for AZ Academy!   The students have been working and playing hard.  We finished standardized testing one week, then celebrated Spirit Week the next.  Even when wearing pajamas or super hero apparel, our third graders worked hard on our close reading lessons and our opinion writing.  In math, students learned that fractions are everywhere!!  They probably think fractions are pretty delicious too!  So far, we have enjoyed eating fractions of delicious chocolates (given to me by Logan J. – Thank You), Hershey’s chocolate bars, brownies, and Skittles!  Ask your child to discuss fractions with you at home when eating pizza, cake, eggs or basically anything!

I have enjoyed my kiddos this year!   I hope you all have safe and happy summers!

Michelle Huff

Where Has the Year Gone?

The past few weeks have been very busy with end of the year assessments along with wrapping up the alphabet and completing our math modules. We did have some time for some fun activities, however. We had a blast during “Spirit Week”. We enjoyed dressing up as Super Heroes, Hippies and in our blue and silver team outfits. Pajama Day was lots of fun too! We had relay races, water balloon fun and we especially enjoyed our day at Cramer’s Park beach!

Now, here it is, time for the last Dragon News of the school year! Where has the year gone? In all my years of teaching, I don’t ever remember a year going by as quickly as this one! It has been a wonderful, fulfilling year for me here at AZ Academy. I have enjoyed every minute of it! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to teach your wonderful children. Congratulations to our graduates Axel, Ainsley and Valentino. Next year won’t be the same without you! I look forward to having our Pre-K kids’ return as big kindergartners in the fall and to welcoming many new faces to our AZ family. Have a wonderful summer!

Lin Thomas

Mr. Smith Goes to Canegata

Wednesdays are typically the days I take my PE classes off campus. Sometime we go to the Lagoon or the beach by Breezes, but the students love Canegata Ballpark the best. We play kickball/dodge ball, basketball, I set up obstacle courses, and we do many other activities. There is a version of freeze tag we play on the main playground, but I think the kids really enjoy the possibility of throwing up once I get them going on the merry-go-round.  Oh to be so young at heart!

Freeze Tag Video!


Justin Smith