May, 2014


AZ Academy – The Fire Burns Within!

AZ Academy champions the whole child using differentiated small-group instruction in a safe and nurturing environment, thereby inspiring students to reach their full potential.


End-of year parent/teacher conferences are on Wednesday, June 4th, immediately after the 2014 Graduations and Awards Ceremony!  Teachers are available from 12:00 – 3:00PM to review portfolios, to analyze informal and standardized assessment data, and to discuss overall performance on your student’s report card.

Official copies of report cards and standardized assessments results are available in the main office.  Note that account balances must be current to obtain these records.  Account statements will be emailed on Monday, June 2nd.

School Store End of Year Sale!

The AZ School Store will have an end-of-the-year sale on Monday and Tuesday from 3-3:30 in room 1A. All items will be discounted 30-50% off!

2014 Graduations and Awards – Don’t Miss It!

Just in case you haven’t heard, AZ Academy is having a blowout blast of a celebration for our final day of school together this year!  Join us on Wednesday, June 4th at 9:00AM at the auditorium at the Juanita Gardine Elementary School for the kindergarten, 4th grade, 6th grade, and 8th grade graduations, which will be immediately followed by the awards ceremony for the entire school.  Come and celebrate your student’s success this year, while enjoying an end-of-year closing ceremony you do not want to miss!

Spirit Week – Blue Team Wins!

AZ Academy’s Blue Team and Silver Team have competed heartily all year in the name of school spirit, but they were tied right up until the end when Spirit Week began!  But then the Blue Team, which has never won this annual competition, rallied in Spirit Week under the leadership of graduate Kimani Johnson.  Winning water balloon tosses and ‘Fear Factor’ relay races, they edged ahead of the Silver Team.  On Beach Day, it was back and forth between both teams in the ‘Fill the Jug Race’, the ‘Tug-o-War’, and the ‘Sand Art’ competitions, but at the end of the day, the Blue Team has the points to win!  Nonetheless, the ultimate goal was school spirit, and on that note, both teams win!  GO BLUE TEAM! GO SILVER TEAM! GO DRAGON SPIRIT!

Beach Day Video

Funny Dance Video

IMG_1172 (2)

If you look left of center, you will see a bucket of ice water being poured on Mr. Mauree’s head!


Earn $400 for AZ Academy at ‘The Women Race’

Team AZ is 37 members strong for The Women Race in Frederiksted at 4:45 on Sunday, June 1! While it is too late to preregister at school you can still preregister at a variety of places tomorrow or register at the race. There’s still time to join the AZ Society of Sock Wearers as Dulcie Crowther, Learning Support Specialist, will have more socks to hand out at the race. We’re on track to win the $400 for the school with the most participants! Woo! Woo!

Sign up at the race!

Class of 2014 Graduation

AZ Academy proudly hosts the commencement exercises for two 2014 high school graduates this year – Kimani Johnson and Janeek Prince – on Tuesday, June 10, 2014 at 5:00PM at The Palms at Pelican Cove.  Gubernatorial candidate Mona Barnes will give the commencement address, and a reception will follow.  Invitations will be issued by graduates, and RSVP’s for attending can be made by calling the main office at 718.7909 or by emailing


Kimani Johnson


Janeek Prince

Student Contracts for 2014-2015 School Year

Students who are returning or are still undecided based on their Statement of Intent letter have received a contract for the upcoming school year via your student.   Please ask your student for the letter and application form, so that you can successfully complete the enrollment process for next year.   If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Mauree Heller at 340.626.0577 or at

Student Council Hosts an Awesome Dance Party!

Was it fun? YES!  Did we rock out the end of the school year with our bands? YES!  Did our DJ deliver awesome dance music? YES!  AZ Academy’s Student Council hosted an incredible ‘Wrap Up’ dance party on May 30th for our students to celebrate the end of the year for our AZ family – it was awesome!!!

Sixth Grade Reflection

The sixth grade has been reflecting back on the year’s highlights and lowlights.  Here are the results!

  • Best week of the year:  Spirit Week
  • Best Day of the year: Beach Day
  • Favorite Teachers: Mr. Hector & Mr. Clark
  • Best meals from the café: Pizza and Lasagna
  • Best snacks from the café: French Toast and Pretzels
  • Word of the year: “Rockologist”, better known as a Geologist
  • Biggest Epic Fail: The soda rockets in Earth and Space Science.

We had a great year together.  Have great summer, everyone!

Island Living in 2nd Grade!

The second grade class had an extremely informative trip to the Southgate Coastal Reserve.  We learned about leaving paradise in its place, the ingredients of sand, and information on the lionfish population in St. Croix.  The St. Croix Environmental Association hosted the day of hands-on learning and had volunteers running the three stations.  Our class gave back to our St. Croix community by implementing a trash clean up around the Southgate Coastal Reserve beach. It was a wonderful day of sun, sand, and learning!

Middle School Literature News

These last few weeks of school have been fun and exciting.  The Literature II class finished a book entitled, “Flipped”.  It’s a great story about young people growing up and dealing with middle and high school issues.  It’s written in a “He-said, She-said” format which made it much more enjoyable for the students.  We continued to work on writing good sentences, capitalization, punctuation, prediction, and inference.

Literature III has been working on more parts of speech (adjectives, adverbs, negatives) and reading the book, “The Face on the Milk Carton”.  Final exams made this week long, but the students worked hard.  You should be very proud of them.  I had a fantastic time this year getting to know all the students and parents.  I wish you a safe and happy summer break, and look forward to seeing you soon.

As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Mr. Clark Dauner,

What’s Cookin’ in Math?

Discrete Math pictureCake in a mug – that’s what’s cookin’. Mrs. Crowther’s Discrete Math class applied their knowledge of fractions to modify recipes from multiple servings to single servings. This allowed them to make microwaved coffee cake in their personal mug. While it may not be on par with baked goods from Thomas Bakery, it sure hit the spot on a Friday morning in math class! If you are familiar with Mrs. Crowther’s window display, you know that mama always said, “Eat your fractions!”

Ms. Kishma’s enjoying the fruits of our labor!

Finishing the Year off Roman Style!

The Ancient History class has covered the ancient history of our world starting from prehistoric man all the way to the Roman Empire.  It has been an exciting adventure of learning.  Each student wrapped up their knowledge by making a fabulous Ancient History ABC Book.  Each letter represented a different topic in the history of the world.  Some examples were:  C is for Confucius.  I is for the Indus Valley and T is for Tutankhamun.  Along with the topic was a description and picture for each letter.  It certainly was a great way to sum up all the knowledge they obtained over the year!

Marvelous Month of May for Prek-1st Graders!

This month was fantabulous …we had lots of interesting activities such as AZ Quest , Teacher Appreciation Week, Spirit Week , Beach Day, informal assessments, sharing a May basket,  and making Mother’s Day gifts. The entire month was something to look forward to every week. Our student’s varying abilities allowed us to engage in lots of creative and fun activities that were showcased in our room for AZ QUEST. Everyone felt that they were in outer space and the space shuttle was a big hit. Thank you to all the parents that helped to make us feel very appreciated for Teacher Appreciation Week! Informal assessments went well with everyone showing great gains even though the children were exhausted after this week of testing. We unwound with Spirit Week as we took part in all the fun activities between the Blue and Silver Teams. Beach Day was the highlight of the month with everyone enjoying the games and sand art at Cramer’s Park.

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