March, 2016

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Quick Calendar Notes

• Book Fair – Week of April 4th and in the computer lab at AZ Quest
• AZ Quest – Friday, April 8th from 2:00-5:00PM
• Spirit Event – Friday, April 15th at 2:05PM
• Movie Night – Friday, April 15th at 6:00PM
• Standardized Testing – Week of April 18th
• Earth Day – April 22nd
• Yard Sale – April 23rd
• Mid-quarter 4 – April 27th
• Box Tops Collections – April 29th

Book Fair & AZ Quest!

Join AZ Academy for AZ Quest, where we showcase our students’ pursuit of knowledge in an interactive way. We will also have the Book Fair in the computer lab at the event – Book Fair Announcement! Also note that there will be a “Book Share” drive hosted by Reaching Potentials, so clean off your bookshelves and donate a few books at AZ Quest!

Career Week

During the week of February 29th students at AZ Academy explored the world of work at Career Week. Students in grades 7-12 attended workshops that focused on topics like how to dress for success, how to behave in an interview, and how to reduce stress. They also paired up with younger students in the computer lab to explore their interests with work in the 5 major career clusters, using an interactive website called “Paws”. Finally, 10-12th graders attended internships and went on field trips to more deeply explore career options. The week ended with a Career Week assembly, where students presented what they learned in the workshops and in their internships. The grand finale was a career parade, where Pre-kindergarten to 6th grade students dressed up for work in an area they might pursue. All in all, it was a wonderful week where students connected daily school life to the end goal of a career they will love.

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Spirit Event – Pi Day!

The sweet smell of Pi(e) was in the air at March’s Spirit Event! Elementary students were each given fractions of pies, and had to move together into groups to try to make as many whole pies as tey could in 5 minutes. Then middle and high schoolers had to get into a circle and hold hands with a hulu hoop hanging on someone’s arm. Once time as called, they had to move the hulu hoop all the ways around the circle until it made it back to the beginning. Once done with that, they grabbed a piece of string, a ruler, and a calculator, and had to use 4 circular objects, like a cone or a cup, to prove that Pi is real. Measuring the circumference and the diameter, teams were able to prove that the approximate relationship was true – 22/7!

To check out what else happened with pies that afternoon, check out Mrs. Crowther’s article below!

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Tsunami Drill

AZ Academy is the tsunami evacuation site for Juanita Gardine Elementary School, Adult Education, and WAPA. At 10:25AM on Thursday, March 17th, the siren in Christiansted was sounded and it could be heard for miles. Very quickly AZ Academy’s students reported to the main pavilion, and our guests arrived quickly thereafter. Overall, it was a successful drill and we all feel more prepared in the event of an emergency!

image tsunami 1 tsunami 3

Closing Ceremony Chickens

chickenAs the students headed into Spring Break, we had a special closing ceremony. Instead of doing “The Cupid Shuffle” or “The Electric Slide” to send ourselves off, we did “The Chicken Dance”. Check out the video here!

The Champ is Here!

We may have a dynasty here in the making at AZ Academy. Our students participated in their first Track and Field Championship and several of them took home the gold while running against athletes from across the island. Aden Rojas took 1st place in the 600m and 2nd place in the 300m. Jenny Green took 2nd place in both the 100m and 200m races. Kaya Steele took 1st place in the 100m and 3rd in the 200m. Sweeny took 2nd in the 400m. Congratulations to all of our athletes that ran in the championships: Zarina, Jayme, Daniella, Curtis, Ha’neen, Tyanna, Jesus, Mark, Allegra, Aidan F, Aidan S, Tyler, Riley, Makai, and Larissa. We will be a force to reckon with next year for sure!!!

IMG_1248 IMG_1259 IMG_1312 IMG_1313

Justin Smith

Basketball, Brackets, and Math

IMG_0890 IMG_0892Math 1 students are “playing” with strategy during the NCAA basketball tournament. Students filled out brackets and are practicing for our Product Game tournament after Spring Break. Let the games begin!!!

Sara Fauquher

Elementary Environmental Field Trip

The 3rd through 5th grade spent the day immersed in the natural beauty of our island. The students learned about the local watershed, creatures that live in our forests and bird watched.

The students were encouraged to keep field journals and report what they observed. They were taught why the forest areas are so vital to our island’s health. Local program volunteers from St. Croix Environmental Association and DPNR were our knowledgeable guides through the fun day.

image (3) image (4) IMG_1315

Melinda Moran

Always Learning in 4th Grade

Happy almost spring! I hope everyone had a great spring break and Easter with family and friends. ELA classes have been working on taking notes (Cornell Notes) and reading non-fiction over the past several weeks. We’ve also been discussing pronouns. Math class is doing really well with the current unit on decimals. It was a smooth transition from our last unit on fractions. We are almost done with the unit and we’ll have complete review before the test after spring break. Social studies classes continue to concentrate on early America, the regions of the U.S., and state locations.

Clark Dauner

States “Matter” in 1st & 2nd Grade

WOW! The months are just flying by…Spring Break is here, and before you know it, it’ll be summer again!

We are learning so much in 1st and 2nd grades…for instance, did you know that EVERYTHING is made of matter? And that matter has 3 states (and that by “states,” I mean “forms”)? Well, we know it!! We’ve watched the water in a cup disappear little by little as it evaporates into the air becoming the GAS known as WATER VAPOR!

In math we are regrouping and unbundling tens and hundreds to add and subtract. Our parents tell us they use to call this “carrying” and “borrowing.”

Only about 9 weeks to go…what will we learn next??

jill pic 1 jill pic 2 jill pic 3 jill pic 4

Jill Carter

Pi Day Celebration – A Smashing Success!

What a fun time celebrating Pi! After AZ students participated in Pi related activities, it was on to celebrating Pi’s more famous cousin – Pie! (with the ever-important silent <e> doing the job of marking the difference between the two words) There was Pie everywhere and, after all was said and done, some teachers even had it coming out their ears! Ms. Melinda, Ms. Eden, & Ms. Huff were our lucky winners (losers?) who had 6 students eagerly smoosh a pie into their faces. Thank you for being great sports, ladies! Congratulations to Lucia Bishop who won the Pie Bake-Off with his fabulous apple pie. Hats off to tied second place winners Cooper Walker (Snickers Pie) and Tyler Jones (Lemon Meringue Pie) and third place winner Sophia Lockwood. Sophia designed her own recipe consisting of delicious treats beginning with the letter “C”.

Thank you from the 7th-9th graders to all who donated a pie to the Bake-Off! Teachers – don’t let your guards down now if you did not get a pie in the face. There’s always next year.

Pi Day 1 Pi Day 2

Dulcie Crowther

Bones, Sugar, Transformations, and Professionalism – What?

In ELA III, students are practicing thinking about your thinking (metacognition) to better understand the text’s central ideas: Written in Bone by Sally Walker. In ELA IV, students analyze author’s purpose in relation to sugar’s movement around the world: Sugar Changed the World by Aronson and Buhdos. In Integrated Math I, students have started geometry and transformations: translations, rotations, and reflections. Students are happy to have concrete shapes in front of them again after a lot of more abstract function work. And in speech, students performed speeches for one another without much preparation: impromptu speeches allow students to focus on professionalism in their physicality over the content of their speech. What strides they are making!

Gwen Eden

Magic Tree House Mania!

One of the first and second grade reading groups in Ms. Jill’s class has been engrossed in Magic Tree House books. They are diligently reading about adventures of the characters Jack and Annie, learning geography, history, and information about faraway places throughout their reading journey. Each student in this reading group chose a project to complete, recounting information about story elements from their selected book. They did a wonderful job practicing oral presentation skills, analyzing problems and solutions, and becoming motivated readers!

Chelsy Pic 1 Chelsy Pic 2 Chelsy Pic 3 Chelsy Pic 4 Chelsy Pic 5 Chelsy Pic 6

Chelsy Harris

3rd Grade in the Forest

March was an awesome month! Third grade had their Forest Field day with the St. Croix Environmental Association and we learned tons about the natural world around us. We learned about the importance of forests and how organisms interact within an ecosystem.

• Did you know that plankton in the ocean provides the earth with 50% of its oxygen? And run-off, or water pollution, can harm plankton?
• Did you know St. Croix is the only non-volcanic island in the Virgin Islands? And its soil is called caliche and contains remains of dead sea animals and plant life that used to be part of the ocean floor?

As a newcomer, everything I learned was new and exciting! The students had most of that history down. They enjoyed using the binoculars for bird watching and playing games that explored how organisms in an environment affected other organisms.

Afterwards, we enjoyed lunch and beach fun at Cheney Bay! It is great to be a STUDENT at AZ!

Michelle Huff

Leprechauns Gone Wild in Pre-K – Kinder!

Where did the month go? We have been so busy these past few weeks with Dr. Seuss’s Birthday, Career Day, Pi Day and St. Patrick’s Day. Our Kindergarteners even had their Graduation photos taken! We had a special guest visit us with his surfboard and his guitar for the letter “S”. He told us all about surfing and we even got a chance to wax and stand on the board. He read some special books, played his guitar and sang silly songs to us. Thank you Mr. Crowther for coming!

We celebrated Dr. Seuss’s birthday reading a lot of his books and we made and ate green eggs and ham in honor of the book by the same title. At first, no one wanted to try them but when they did, they all loved them and asked for seconds! We wore our “Cat in the Hat” hats and paraded around the campus showing them off to all of our friends.

For the finale of Career Week, we dressed up in costumes and joined the school in a parade. On St. Patrick’s Day, those silly leprechauns somehow got into our classroom and left their footprints and coins all over the room! They turned things upside down, dumped Legos on the carpet and all sorts of crazy things! In the end, their footprints did lead us to a pot of gold where we discovered coins and necklaces!

Like I said, it was a busy month and then it was time for a break! I hope you enjoyed your Spring Break!

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Lin Thomas