January, 2016



Calendar Quick Notes…

  • Week of February 1st – Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • Friday, 2/12 – Spirit Event @ 2:05PM
  • Friday, 2/12 – Movie Night @ 6:30PM
  • Monday, 2/15 – No School – President’s Day
  • Tuesday, 2/16 – Mid-quarter 3 Mark – Progress reports sent home on 2/23
  • Tuesday, 2/16 – 100th Day of School!
  • Friday, 2/26 – Box Tops collection day
  • Week of 2/29 – Career Week

Spirit Event

Three big claps!  The blue and silver teams faced off again for another exciting afternoon of healthy competition!  Elementary student played “pop the balloon”, and the middle school student play “red light, green light, 1, 2, 3”.  Check out the video!  The high school students played an awkward game where they had to move balloons from one person to the next using only their knees and the last person had to drop the balloon “egg” in a bucket – it was really hard, but in the end, the Silver Team won!!

IMG_0890 IMG_0894

Lunch with Ms. Paula – Caught Being Good!

IMG_0860Every day teachers at AZ Academy recognize students’ positive citizenship by giving them “Caught Being Good” raffle tickets.  They accumulate over the month, and then at the last Closing Ceremony of each month there is a drawing to win a prize for being so good!  In December’s drawing, the reward was having lunch off campus with Ms. Paula.  So when we returned from winter break she took them out for lunch at the Palms, and everyone had a wonderful time eating hamburgers and French fries!

Stay Fit 4 Life

IMG_1062AZ Academy’s students, staff and parents caused a stir at the Christiansted fort on Friday, January 22nd!  Beginning with Zumba, and then moving into stations that featured crossfit, nutrition, and the broad jump, students were energetic and engaged in fitness all morning long.  Then with a yoga warm down and a trip back to school to swim in the pool, students and staff were exhausted but happy with the day.  Check out the videos of all the activities!

Zumba, Broad Jump, Nutrition, Crossfit, Yoga

Track & Field Meet

IMG_112823 students signed up to keep running for AZ Academy in track and field.  With their first meet in January, junior varsity and varsity students ran on Thursday, and elementary students ran on Friday.  The events ran late into the evening and drew a large crowd, and our dragons did a great job!

1st & 2nd Grade Learners!

The 1st and 2nd grade room has really been exploding with new learning this month!!!

In reading 1st graders have been learning lots and lots of new words and sounds and have been reading lots of books and rocking AR tests!!!  2nd graders can’t seem to put down those Magic Tree House books!!

In math 1st graders have been working hard on “counting on” or “making 10/taking from 10” to solve result unknown and total unknown problems.  2nd graders have been learning place value and comparing numbers to 1,000.  We are all really having to “run on all cylinders” during our common core math time!!!

Can’t wait to see what we’ll learn next month!!

Mrs. Jill Carter

What’s Taboo in ELA Classes?

Eden Jan 2016 dragon tales photoBefore break, students used their sentence fluency and word-knowledge to rock the game of Taboo. A new game to many, they enjoyed their holiday party of hot chocolate and nerdy English games.

More recently, students just finished a unit on grammar. Quiz your 7th-10th graders on the following: punctuating dialogue, it’s vs. its, and compound sentences.

Next up: a writing unit to put our grammar and creative writing to work.

Mrs. Gwen Eden

Third Grade NEWs

New is the word!  My name is Michelle Huff.  I am the new third grade teacher at AZ Academy.  I am super excited to meet all of you, if I haven’t already.   I jumped right in, and we hit the ground running.

In reading, we have been focusing on informational texts.  We are using text features as search tools to locate relevant information.   We are learning to read the text closely by paying attention to important words, asking questions about the text, and determining the relevance of information.  We are reading about Westward Expansion in America.  This is fun because we get to imagine we are pioneers and explorers!  The fun continues in Social Studies as we make connections to early settlements in America.

In math, wow, I have inherited some smart mathematicians!  We have been finishing up our unit on addition and subtraction strategies and are having some great discussions in class about what strategies are the most efficient.  Our next module, or unit, will take us back to multiplication and division.  Students will need to learn how to fluently multiply and divide.  This will require some help at home.  You guessed it!  Helping students practice their multiplication facts daily will allow them to solve problems with less head scratching!

Mrs. Michelle Huff

“O” and “P” Takes over Pre-kindergarten and Kindergarten!

After our long winter break, we welcomed in the new year with our friends from Denmark once again. They spent another week with us and we were sad to see them go. Although our class size got smaller, that did not last long as we got ready to welcome a new student, Sarah Huff to our class. Sarah is a Pre-K student and her mom is our new 3rd grade teacher here at AZ Academy. Welcome Sarah!

We have been learning about the letters “Oo” and “Pp”. We have learned about owls and penguins. We made a cool owl booklet and a penguin out of a recycled water bottle! We talked about the shapes octagon and ovals and made a puppet called “Ollie the Octagon”. We made an octopus with cheerio suckers on his arms. For every cheerio we put on our octopus, one ended up in our mouths! We really enjoyed that project! We ran an obstacle course on the playground too going over and under, up and down, in and out and off and on.

We sang a lot of songs around the letter “O” and “P”. We learned what a Pawpaw was and acted out a fun song about picking up pawpaws in the pawpaw patch and putting them in your pocket. Now that’s a mouthful of “P’s”! Priscila was highlighted that week too. We wanted to put her in our letter of the week basket but she was too big! Portfolios also started with the letter “Pp” and they went home to the parents along with a report card for the second quarter. See you next month!

Lin Photo #1 Lin Photo #2

Mrs. Lin Thomas

4th Graders Fuse History & ELA Learning

Happy New Year!  We’ve been working hard and having a lot of fun in 4th grade this first semester.  The math class will be finishing up the geometry unit this week and moving onto fractions.  The Social Studies classes are discussing a wide range of topics from various wars throughout our country’s history to how the government works and challenges we face today in the 21st century.  In ELA class we are now looking at adjectives and we continue to practice our writing skills.  We’re also about halfway through the book entitled, The Boy Who Ran for President.  It has sparked some great conversations and the students really like the story.

Mr. Clark Dauner

Free Puppies

ELA I, II, III, & IV classes learned about the tricky schwa. It is represented by an upside-down and backward <e>, like this: /ə/. When pronounced it says “uh” and can replace any vowel. It is an unstressed vowel. That makes spelling tricky! We hear it in place of the <i> in “president” and in place of the <a> in “company.” But, if we look to a word’s relatives, that vowel may stand up and make itself clear as in the related words “preside” and “companion.” Students learned to think about a word’s relatives in order to correctly spell the schwa. A few other word pairs students discovered were contrəbution/contribute, dispəsition/dispose, and səlution/solve. Students then got to take a Pup Quiz. They earned a stuffed puppy for every word with a schwa that they could pair with a related word without a schwa. What a strətegic strategy for solving spelling dilemmas! Now that’s worth a free puppy!

IMG_4212 IMG_4215 IMG_4217

Mrs. Dulcie Crowther

Working with Words

Our Word Work enrichment group spent the first part of the school year learning about vowel patterns, syllables, and 3 letter consonant blends.  The students have been discovering patterns in words and manipulating letters to create new words.  We often complete word building activities to practice previously learned concepts.  Our goal is for this knowledge to transfer over into student writing.  Mid-year spelling assessments were administered and we are seeing progress!  We will keep moving along into more complex spelling patterns during the second half of the school year.

Chelsy Pic #1 Chelsy Pic #2 Chelsy Pic #3

Ms. Chelsy Harris