January, 2015

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Valentine’s Sale for the Guatemala Group’s Mission – Online Order Link Below!

heartsLet someone special in your life know that you care!  Send them a Valentine’s Day treat, while supporting our students on their mission to serve their global community.

As a quick refresher, 8 middle school and high school students will be heading to Antigua, Guatemala in May to explore the region, to engage in community service at the Transitions Foundation of Guatemala, and to work on speaking Spanish conversationally.  This is a tremendous opportunity for our students to serve others and while gaining so much for themselves!

In their newest fundraiser to support their trip, students have organized a great Valentine’s Day sale that fits every budget!  There are two ways you can participate…

Send a Valentine’s Day gift package to someone you care about…

  • Basic Package: Toys, fun school supplies, and candy.
  • Medium Package: Basic package, additional gifts, and your preference of a heart bracelet or a sports wallet.
  • Large Package: Basic Package, additional gifts, and your preference of a red-sequin fedora or a fluffy, red boa.

boa bracelet fedora wallet

Purchase a raffle ticket for these fabulous prizes…

  • A giant, fluffy Valentine’s teddy bear
  • A beautiful gold and silver necklace
  • A stunning silver and onyx necklace

Students have received order forms in homeroom, but you can also order online here if you want your order to be a secret!  Packages will be delivered on Friday, February 13th, and the raffle drawing will be held at the closing ceremony on Friday, February 13th!

Next Week – Spirit Event, but NO Movie Night

lipsynch1-313x315AZ Academy’s revised calendar shows a Spirit Event next Friday, as well as Movie Night.  We will definitely have a Spirit Event, and this month’s theme is a lip syncing contest, and dramatic performances are anticipated!  Feel free to join us at the Mahogany Stage at 2:15 as students show us their expertise.

Unfortunately, Movie Night is the same night as Jump Up in Christiansted, so we do not want to compete with that!  Movie Night will return to its usual schedule in March – we hope to see you there!

Quarter 2 AR Points Pool Party – Reader Rewards!

poolEvery quarter, AZ Academy’s students are given point goals for successfully passing quizzes on independent reading, using the school’s platform on Renaissance Learning’s Accelerated Reader.  Hoping to inspire students for the second quarter, students were offered a reward for reaching their goal – a pool party!  So the results are in, and the party is scheduled for Thursday, February 12th @ 1:30PM.  A permission slip will be sent home with students on Monday, February 9th.  And here are the successful winners/readers…

  • Elementary School: Logan J., Wilson K., Ethan K., Aden R., Jared C., Nathan G., J’neolise G., Alexis S., Riley S., Isabella B., Tyler J., Izabelle R., Jose R., Aidan S., Dylan T., and Amarion G.
  • Middle School: Gabriel G., Hamza I., Cooper C., Tea D., Roxy W., Jayme C-W., Jesus F., Alexis M-K., and Mia N.
  • High School: Sammy D., Noor H., Ashley S., and Adalia V.

Congratulations to these students!!! Also note that many students were so close to reaching their goal – we applaud them all for their efforts!  But since everyone knows that reading is FUN-damental, please continue to encourage your student to read, read, and read every day!

If you would like more information about your student’s point goals for the 3rd quarter, feel free to contact their English/Language Arts teacher.  In general, points are established by a student’s reading range and the number of minutes students are expected to read each week.

Stay Fit 4 Life

As a perfect segue to AZ Academy’s Ag Fair booth about a heart healthy lifestyle, the school’s 4th annual Stay Fit 4 Life was a huge success that had a great impact on students!  Activities included Zumba in the morning, a 340 CrossFit workout, the National Guard’s obstacle course, a healthy snack workshop, and then a yoga cool down – all at the Christiansted Fort.  When back at school, students went swimming and watched documentaries and educational videos to round out a perfectly fit day!

sf4l 1 sf4l 2 sf4l 3

With a new physical education program in place from Mr. deGrasse, fitness will continue to be an on-going topic at AZ Academy!

Hands-on Science Learning – Planets in 4/5th Grade!

We’ve been learning and having a lot of fun in 4th and 5th grade.  The students have been working on persuasive writing in language arts.  We typed those papers in the computer lab and the students will present them to the class.  We’re also working on adjectives and reading a new book entitled “Frindle” as a class.  I’ve met with each student individually regarding their AR goal and their STAR reader test score.  We are currently working with Ms. Robel’s third grade class on the Agriculture Fair posters that will be displayed in the AZ Academy booth.  Space and astronomy are the topics for science right now.  The students have created paper mache’ planets and have tried activities with rocket propulsion and relative distance in regards to the planets and their distance from the Sun.  It’s an interesting topic and the kids are having fun with hands-on learning!

IMG_1594 IMG_1591 IMG_1592 IMG_1593

340 CrossFit Group Rate

crossfitIt is definitely intense, it is a definitely a full body workout, but a CrossFit routine is also so much fun because it makes you push yourself with a team of competitors!

340 CrossFit would like to put together a group discount for AZ Academy’s families.  Conveniently located adjacent to the campus, students and parents can easily make a commitment that fits into their typical driving routine and they can even enjoy low quotes if they decide to get insurance in their cars.  Stop in the main office to get more information, flyers, and to discuss pricing.  The more who join, the lower the rates!

AZ Academy’s Agriculture Fair Booth is Heart Smart

superfoodsCampus wide, students have partnered up to study super foods and super dangerous foods, with a focus on being HEART SMART!  In preparation for AZ Academy’s Agriculture Fair booth, the theme linking heart health to agriculture has been fully embraced by students.  Izzy R. told her mom they can’t eat French fries anymore because fried food clogs arteries, and Jordan H. may give up eating ramen noodle bowls after seeing that it is empty calories with lots of salt that increases blood pressure.  Overall, the conversations that are being held on campus are so inspiring – we hope that you are hearing about it at home, too!  Make sure you stop by AZ Academy’s booth to check out our students’ work!

After School Programs Signup

AZ Academy believes in extended learning opportunities to enhance achievement, and where else can we get more time with students than in after school programs?

If you haven’t already signed your student up, click on this link and join these clubs now!

Also, you can download the After School Program Descriptions and Calendar Semester 2!  Newly added is an animation class, which will feature flip books, Claymation films, and an appreciation of these genres’ impact on modern media!

More Hands-on Science Learning at AZ!

AZ Academy truly believes in learning through doing, and nowhere is this more evident than in Ms. Melinda’s classroom.  Not only does she host elementary science labs every week, but she also keeps her four middle school and high school classes busily engaged in hands-on learning!  In life science, students have created 3D eukaryotic cells that show all of the components that are essential for the critical functions of life.  In earth science, students have been creating fossils of leaves to understand how traces of fossil remains are valuable research tools.  In physical science, students have studied the effect of heat on air volume in a fixed container – in this case, a giant wind sock!  And in physics, students have entered a wind turbine competition sponsored by the Department of Energy, and their field work has focused on using recycled materials, increasing portability, and storing energy for future use.  Wow!  Scientific learning is abound at AZ Academy!

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