January, 2014



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AZ Academy champions the whole child using differentiated small-group instruction in a safe and nurturing environment, thereby inspiring students to reach their full potential.

AZ Quick Notes

• No school next Friday, 2/14 – Staff Professional Development Day

• Student Council’s Valentine’s Day gifts are raffle drawing are on Thursday, 2/13

• Quarter 2 honor roll and citizenship awards will be celebrated at the closing ceremony on Thursday

• Check out the AZ Enrichment Center’s recycled animal display at the Ag Fair next weekend

• Have you completed the AZ Checkup survey? If not, click here and give us your valuable feedback!

• Due to lack of attendance, Parent Night is suspended until we can figure out how to get you there!

AZ Golf Club in Full Swing

Golf PhotoThe AZ Golf Club is off and running. Every Wednesday, Mrs. Crowther, Mr. Clark, and Mr. Mauree are taking students to The Reef to enjoy time on the course. We have 11 student golfers in all, ranging from grades 3 thru 9. We are entering our 2nd month now. So far we have practiced putting, chipping, and a little pitching. The kids are thoroughly enjoying themselves. They often stop to “smell the roses”, skip stones, and use the ball washer, a favorite activity!

We would like to thank The Reef Golf Course for inviting us to play at their beautiful facility. We encourage parents to take their children out to play as the rates are very affordable.  Ask for Libby, Brenda, or Lisa if you are interested!

(Adrian R. and Amarion G. not pictured)

Middle School Literature II & III News

I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday break. I know the students came back with lots of stories about what they had done. The second semester is well underway. During the last few weeks back from break, we’ve already taken our mid-term exams and administered the mid-year informal assessments. The students worked hard considering all the exams we threw at them in a short period of time. This quarter in Literature, we’ll be looking at guidelines for making a bibliography and documenting sources. We’ll also be working in conjunction with Mrs. Cissel’s and Mrs. Crowther’s classes on a poetry unit. I know for most of you, it’s probably been a long time since you even thought about creating a bibliography. One great resource to refresh your memory and/or help your child is a website called easybib.com. It has easy explanations on how to cite sources and even does it for you.

 Stacking Cups in Middle School Workshop

stacking cupsThe students in workshop class are still really enjoying the cup stacking activities that we are doing. We are keeping track of several individual, paired, and class level challenges and the best times in each category. I can see the students getting faster each week. Some of the benefits of speed stacking are: fitness, self-esteem, and even improved academics. Students that sport stack on a regular basis have shown increases on test scores and levels of concentration. Feel free to visit these websites to get more information on the sport.




As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns – Mr. Clark Dauner, cdauner@azvi.org

Stay Fit 4 Life – Fun for All!

Thank you AZ students for your enthusiastic workout at AZ Academy’s 3rd Annual Stay Fit 4 Life!  A special thanks to Bradley (Aiden S.’s uncle), Tanja M. (past instructor, counselor, and board president), and the National Guard for supporting our commitment to fitness and fun!

A New Kind of Math- in Intermediate 5

The Intermediate 5 class has been tackling a new math curriculum in order to focus more on the Common Core Curriculum Standards. We have begun with an in-depth look at adding and subtracting fractions. The goal of the Core Curriculum is that students gain a deeper understanding of specific topics instead of glossing over them.

We have learned to come up with like denominators pictorially, before we do them numerically so that we have a better concept of what like denominators are. This has been challenging for many students but increases the depth of knowledge of fractions so they will have mastery of them by the end of the course.

We look forward to tackling more of the Common Core Curriculum topics in the future!

Bubbles of Fun and Drawing on Walls!

The Elementary science lab had some good, clean fun with bubbles. Each student was able to experiment with blowing bubbles of all shapes and sizes and in many different ways. We talked about the physics of bubbles; why the form, and the chemistry of them; how they form. The students got to experience solution displacement also. They noticed that the bubbles that poured over the side of their cup popped and left the liquid, which once was in the cup, on the desk. There were almost as many smiles as there were bubbles in the classroom!

Also, while learning about the parts of a tree above and below ground, pre-kindergarten – 1st grade students took to the wall outside of Ms. Melinda’s classroom for some hands-on learning – too cute!




February Spirit Event

February’s Spirit Event, AZ Academy’s world famous talent show, was a good time for all. It was a tie between the blue and the silver team, because they are both awesome! Singing, dancing, gymnastics, cup stacking and more – AZ’s got talent!

Poetry All Around

What a fun time to be in middle school and high school! Ms. Crowther, Mr. Dauner and Ms. Cissel have joined forces to put together poetry units for the 5th – 12th grades. Students began writing poetry from the onset and have read and listened to poems using devices that make poetry come alive. Mr. Dauner and Ms. Cissel have combined the 5th & 6th graders so they can team teach. Ms. Crowther and Ms. Cissel have combined their two high school classes and are working closely with Mr. Dauner who has the 7th and 8th graders. 7th – 12th graders are putting together poetry anthologies of original work and poems from favorite authors. All students will do PowerPoint presentations on the poet of their choice.

As a culminating project, on Thursday, February 13, the students will recite a favorite poem. Then, on Thursday, February 20 the high school students will have their recitations judged by members from the V.I. Council on the Arts as part of the national program – Poetry Out Loud. The two winners will go on to island-wide competition. And who knows? Maybe an AZ student or two will make it to the nationals!

Check out these concrete poems to see what we’ve been working on this week…




snowflakeWe are back from winter break, so we started talking about winter weather. Our students were very interested in Miss Denise’s experiences with snow and the students shared a few of their own. We did some creative movement, pretending to be snowflakes and icicles and making a snowman. We had fun making snowflakes and snowmen out of paper. We learned some finger plays and read poems about winter. Let it snow!

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