March, 2017


 Quick Calendar Notes

Monday, March 27th – Friday, March 31st – Spring Break!

Tuesday, April 4th – End of Quarter 3

Tuesday April 11th – Quarter 3 Report Cards Issued

Wednesday, April 12th @ 2:05 PM – Spirit Event

Friday, April 14th – NO SCHOOL  - Good Friday

Monday, April 17th – NO SCHOOL – Easter Monday

Friday, April 21st – AZ Quest 

goodbye march hello aprilLin Thomas Pre-K and Kindergarten

During the month of March in Pre-K and Kindergarten, we learned about the letters “Rr” and “Ss”. Our room was decorated with rainbows, we learned what makes a rainbow and we sang the song “The World is a Rainbow”. Letter “Ss” kept us busy for two weeks! We did two science experiments making Slime and another seeing what happens when we add water to a plate of skittles. We made beautiful sand art bottles, learned about the four seasons, the 5 senses, shapes and we even had a special visitor come to our classroom with his surfboard for a surfing demonstration!

We enjoyed Career Week and all of the field trips that we went on. We visited the Richmond Fire Station, the Agriculture grounds, the Department of Tourism and the F’sted playground. We learned a lot about our island and the different careers that we may want to pursue in the future. We had fun dressing up in costumes and pretending to be police officers, bus drivers, dentists and so much more. We even played career bingo!

On St. Patrick’s Day, our classroom was invaded by Leprechauns! We came into the classroom that morning only to find everything tossed here and there, upside down and everything in the wrong places! Those naughty Leprechauns! They did leave us some magic coins and necklaces but we are still searching for our pot of gold!

Thomas Pic 2 Thomas Pic 3Thomas Pic 1Lin Thomas Pic 4Mrs. Thomas

Ms. Eden’s March Tales

ELA III – Students are reading a thick non-fiction text about colonial America. Students are working on central idea and author’s purpose. Ask your student about the features of the text!

ELA V/VI – Students are analyzing rhetoric. They just had a Socratic Seminar and killed it! Questions they asked each other: How do you think the author’s use of historical figures affected his persuasive powers? What aspects of Toqueville’s text do you think were better organized than Orwell’s? How do you think a country’s government structures affect its language’s development? Ask your student about these questions and what we’re learning!

Integrated Math, Secondary II – Students are just starting trigonometry. Ratios are the name of the game. Ask them about the relationship between sine and cosine.

Photos captions: Sometimes, even high school students are motivated for a “PUP” quiz by a little en-“fur”-agement. (Students who participate well get to cuddle stuffed puppies.)

Eden 2 Eden 1Mrs. Eden

4th Grade Springtime!

Happy Spring!  The third quarter for fourth grade has been a busy one.  Career week was a success as we were able to visit several places that I’m sure very few students have ever gone.  It sparked a lot of conversations and we did some reflecting journaling after each day’s trip.  I will send those journals home with the portfolios for you to enjoy.  We also took an impromptu trip to the Botanical Garden to tour and listen to a local author, Vivian Prince, read to us. Thank you Ms. Hodge for setting up this opportunity for us!

Following the spring break we will finish up adjectives in ELA class, the fractions unit in Math class, and reading, The Kid Who Ran for President as a whole group.  I’ve told the kids to be ready for some test reviews and unit tests upon our return.  I hope everyone has a safe and relaxing break.

Field Trip - Botanical Garden 2 Field Trip - Botanical Garden 3Field Trip - Botanical Garden 1Mr. Clark

Spiral Multiplication Fun!

Our Math Enrichment group continues to practice math fluency with a variety of games.  We have been practicing our newly mastered multiplication facts by playing Bingo, participating in an online game called Kahoot, and we recently learned a new game called Spiral Multiplication.  Our goal is to retain our multiplication and division facts and increase automaticity, while having fun at the same time.

Chelsy Pic 2 Chelsy Pic 1Ms. Harris

March Madness

March was a slam dunk in third grade.  We didn’t play basketball, but we were successful in our project based learning.

We made connections between pioneers and Tall Tales.   Tall tales are exaggerated stories that are fun to read.  We made connections between the values of early American settlers and the traits of the heroes in our stories.

In Science, students asked questions about matter and were able to answer some of them through science experiments.  It was a messy, hands-on approach to satisfying their curiosity about the properties of matter.  They are super excited to move on to exploring the laws of energy.

Our project in Social studies is about culture.  Students are researching and learning about different cultures around the world and collaborating on ways we can bring them to life in the classroom as we get ready for AZ Quest.

I am sure you heard a lot about Career Week!  It was a busy but quite successful week.  I feel that students got a good sense of careers in our community and learned a lot about the importance that those roles play.   Also, our parent night was held that same week.  I had a lot of fun watching our parents play Pictionary incorporated with Charades. Congratulations on winning, Leaping Leprechauns! The AZ community is awesome!

 Mrs. Huff

8th & 9th Grade with Career Week

By all measures the highlight of the month for the 8th and 9th graders was the Career Week that went on from March 13 to March 17, 2017. At UVI, the SOS (Shadow our Students Program) saw the 8th and 9th graders attending classes with university students. But the most memorable event was the motivational speaker who inspired students to have great faith in their selves, but they have so much to contribute. Many of the 8th and 9th graders had never been inside a court house. The visit to the District Court in St. Croix awed them. Judge Lewis took the through process involved in judging a convicted person as guilty or innocent. The all sat in the jury box in rapt attention. The visit at the legislature also impressed the students very much.

Renee pic 1Mr. Renee

Grades 1 & 2 Blast Off

Learning about our solar system has been a Blast!!! It has given us an opportunity to learn about the planets, the sun which is a star, day and night and about the rotation and revolution of the planets. We have also increased our vocabulary. We made planet models and created our own galaxies. Woo woo Astronauts!

We worked on our expository writing by making lemonade. Both grades 1 and 2 identified all the ingredients needed to make this. The students also used their 5 senses to manipulate the ingredients. Yeah Chefs!

Grades 1 & 2 would like to thank Miss Dawn Davis for volunteering her time to assist us. We will miss you!
Melissa4 Melissa3 Melissa2
Mrs. Clarke-Charmon