April, 2017



Quick Calendar Notes

Tuesday, May 2nd - Quarter 4 Midterm

jail bail logoSaturday, May 6th – Jail or Bail – begins at Noon!


Monday, May 8th - Friday, May 12th  - Informal Assessments

Tuesday, May 9th - Quarter 4 Progress Reports Issued

Friday, May 12th – Spirit Event @ 2:05 PM

Friday, May 12th – Movie Night @ 6:30 PM

Tuesday, May 23rd – Friday, May 26th – Semester 2 Exams

Monday, May 29th – NO SCHOOL – Memorial Day 

Tuesday, May 30th – Friday, June 2nd – Spirit Week

Friday, June 2nd - Beach Day

Tuesday, June 6th @ 6:30 PM – Senior Graduation

Wednesday, June 7th @ 9 AM – Kindergarten, 4th & 8th Grade Graduation


Second Grade Reading Frenzy!

The second grade group has spent the school year working diligently on reading skills.  Their reading focus has shifted from learning to read to reading to learn, targeting comprehension skills at both the literal and inferential level.  This group has the reading bug and the students were excited about an opportunity to represent a book of choice through a reading project. The children presented these projects in front of their peers, introducing them to oral speaking skills, and they did a phenomenal job.  Way to go, second graders!

Chelsy- Pic 6 Chelsy- Pic 5 Chelsy- Pic 4 Chelsy- Pic 3 Chelsy- Pic 2
Ms. Harris

Happy Fourth Quarter! 

We’ve had some scheduling changes in 4th and 5th grade.  For the remainder of the year, I will be teaching math to both groups of students, and Ms. Bush will be teaching ELA.  4th grade is finishing up the unit on fractions, and 5th grade is finishing up the unit on long division.  Both grade levels are doing unit projects in Social Studies.  4th grade is looking at the Southeast region of the United States, and 5th graders are choosing projects on the U.S. Constitution, the Louisiana Purchase, the War of 1812, or the Industrial Revolution.  Less than seven weeks of school left, so we will be working hard to get in as much learning as possible!

Mr. Clark

Something Sweet’s Going on in ELA II and IV

Mrs. Crowther has taken over instruction of the ELA II and IV classes. She is excited to jump in for the last quarter to build on the students’ previous learning. ELA II students are continuing to read The Witch of Blackbird Pond. ELA IV students have wrapped up their unit on Sugar Changed the World and will begin reading The Call of the Wild after informal assessments. Both classes are putting the finishing touches on their Word Study Presentations to be presented next week. The classes paused last week to prepare to show their learning at AZ Quest. ELA II created word matrices that used base units that have to do with sugar or sweetness – one even included Mrs. Crowther’s first name as a base. ELA IV produced a video of The Tell-Tale Heart and they created a museum of the various uses of sugar throughout time – complete with Jolly Rancher Roses.

Crowther pic crowther pictureMrs. Crowther (writing in the 3rd person :P)

Spring to the Finish!


Students are finished reading Written in Bone and now they are writing a paper about it. The last part of the year students will continue with their writing and research skills, further honing their nonfiction experience.


Students are on to the last unit of the year. Henrietta Lacks has been the subject of a recent book, an upcoming TV series, and several medical journal articles. Students are using their skills they’ve been developing all year to dive into this medical ethics question. Ask your student to find out more.

Civics & Geography

Civics students are continuing in the textbook with Foreign Relations, chapter 23. This class of all-boys is fascinated by war, so we are exploring the relationship between foreign countries, whether it is peaceful or violent. Stay tuned to hear more about what your student is learning about the different branch’s powers.

Geography students requested to learn more about the Caribbean and the U.S. Virgin Islands specifically, so we are jumping off from Transfer Day into a more in-depth history of the island that we are all calling home. Videos, texts, and first person interviews will deepen students’ understanding of St. Croix’s complex history.

Mrs. Eden

Game On! 

Quest was a success!  Our projects for the “Force and Motion Third Grade Arcade” took a life of its own.  The process was certainly the most important part.  Your child used inspiration from their own lives to collaborate and plan their arcade game.  The discussion and the problem solving that took place was an awesome thing to behold.  They really took ownership of the learning and their products paid off.  Our classroom was a busy place and we had a lot of repeat customers.

Fourth Quarter already!  Time flies when you are working hard and having fun.  This quarter will focus on refining students’ skills as third graders and preparing them for the fourth grade.  Please be vigilant about the topics we will be studying!

Mrs. Huff

Teamwork in 1st and 2nd Grade

First and Second grades have been learning the skill of co-operation. This is in collaboration with our Social Skills classes. This was very evident in the last spirit event we have had and in completing our group projects for Quest. They were paired up with the grade K’s and each other, and it was remarkable to see the students using polite words and assisting their teams and other teams to complete the scavenger hunt.

Kudos to Anderson Poleon, Karis Jordan and Bilal McFarlane 1st and 2nd grade curators for doing such an exquisite job in welcoming the guest to our classroom for Quest. For informing our visitors about each of the projects done and what interactives that can be done upon visiting our class. Amazing Job Guys! You Rock!

Meli- 3 Meli-1 Meli-2 Meli-4Mrs. Clarke-Charmon

Pre-K and Kindergarten – April

Greetings from Pre-K and Kindergarten! April has been a very busy month for us. We celebrated “The Week of the Young Child” on the 4th and 5th of April. Our class led the parade of hundreds of children from many day care centers and Pre-schools throughout the island. We waved our AZ banner proudly from Times Square to the Fort!  We did many fun activities on the fort grounds ending with a boxed lunch and a return bus ride back to school. The next day, we traveled to Government House in C’sted where we were greeted by many government officials who read to all of us from big books.  Thank you to the Department of Human Services who arranged these festivities for us.

April also found us busy getting ready for Easter and for “Quest”. We have been studying dinosaurs and we hope you will all stop by our classroom during “Quest” to see our displays and play some dinosaur games with us! We enjoyed an Easter egg party and hunt. We dyed eggs and made Easter bags to bring all of our goodies home in.

We are all so excited to have Aislin back with us and to welcome a new student, Fathi Yusuf to our Pre-school class.

Lin - pic 2Lin- pic 4 Lin - pic 3
Lin- pic 1 Lin- pic 5Mrs. Thomas

Mr. Renee’s Quest Room

The social studies students spent a greater part of last week preparing for AZ QUEST. They did a marvelous job. The theme of our Quest presentation was Centennial Transfer Celebration. The room (1A) was very appropriately decorated. The students’ poems, essays, and art work beautifully displayed. The explanation given by the students to visitors was expertly done. Good job!!

Renee - Pic 1Mr. Renee

Mr. Smith and Aquatic Activities

Students demonstrate knowledge of and competency in motor skills, movement patterns, and strategies needed to perform a variety of physical activities.  In my opinion, this is the exact reason why Purple Penguin, Sharks and Minnows and Rat, Rabbit, Rascal were ever invented in the first place.  From jumping in and out of the water, to swimming the length of the pool, to avoiding being eaten by the shark, everything is more fun in the water. Swim days are my favorite days of the week; such a perfect way to end the week as well.

pe smith1 Mr. Smith

8 Ball Corner Pocket

Pool, also more formally known as pocket billiards (mostly in North America) or pool billiards (mostly in Europe and Australia), is the family of cue sports and games played on a pool table having six receptacles called pockets along the rails, into which balls are deposited as the main goal of play. An obsolete term for pool is six-pocket.

There are hundreds of pool games. Some of the more well known include eight-ball (and the variant blackball), nine-ball (with variants ten-ball and seven-ball), straight pool (14.1 continuous), one-pocket, and bank pool.

The high school students have been learning the rules and play of nine-ball and are set to have their first pool tournament next week.

smith - billiards 1 smith - billiards 2 smith - billiards 3 smith - billiards 4 smith - billiards 5 smith - billiards 7 smith - billiards 6 smith - billiards 8 smith - billiards 9 smith - billiards 10 smith - billiardsMr. Smith