April, 2016

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Calendar Quick Notes…

  • Teacher Appreciation Week – Week of May 2nd
  • Standardized Testing Make-up – Tuesday, May 3rd
  • Mid-quarter 4 Progress Reports Sent Home – Wednesday, May 4th
  • Yard Sale, Car Wash and Food Sale – Saturday, May 7th @ 8:00AM
  • Bonfire in the Ruins Party II – Saturday, May 7th @ 7:00PM
  • Mother’s Day – Sunday, May 8th
  • Spirit Week – Week of May 9th – schedule will be published
  • Informal Assessments – Week of May 16th
  • Semester 2 Exams – Week of May 23rd
  • Memorial Day – NO SCHOOL – May 30th
  • Week of May 31st – Travel Week, K, 4th & 8th Grade Graduations, and Awards Ceremony

Yard Sale Bonanza!

Yard Sale Flyer

Bonfire in the Ruins Party II – Be There or Be Square Say Mr. Clark

Bonfire Flyer

AZ Quest a Success!

Parents, students, and guests gathered on Friday, April 8th to explore classrooms and watch students perform during the Closing Ceremony for the week!  Students in Buddy Groups began the event by going from room to room to complete a scavenger hunt.  There was a lot to explore in every room, from fishing for sight words to calculating the effect of ramp height on velocity and distance a car would travel.  At the Closing Ceremony, quarter 3 Honor Roll and Citizenship recipients were recognized, music students danced and lip sync’ed to popular music, and pre-K – kindergarteners dressed like pirates and sang a counting song.  All in all, it was a great day where students showcased the incredible learning they have been doing this year!

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Wet and Wild Spirit Event

April showers bring May flowers, so for AZ Academy’s monthly Spirit Event the school focused on watering all the students!  Pre-K – 2nd graders played “hot potato” with water balloons, and when the music stopped, players holding a balloon had to pop it on themselves!  3rd – 5th graders had to melt a block of ice using only their hands, while 6th – 8th graders had fill up a bowl with water from a wet cloth they passed backwards over their heads.  The day ended with another water balloon event – the high school played dodge ball, beaming balloons at each other!  In the end, everyone was pretty wet, but they all had a great time!

IMG_1427 IMG_1424 IMG_1418

Art News

The past few months have been very busy in the AZ Art Room!  We finished up the color unit and started learning about Art History! The students have learned about Cave Art (creating beautiful animal batiks- painting with hot wax and dyes on fabric), then we moved onto Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Medieval and Celtic Art. The Middle and High School students finished their beautiful monochromatic Color Self-Portrait pieces and started creating paper mache sea-life sculpture decorations for the Roseway Gala.  The scultpures are now hanging in the art room and you can check them out at the AZ Quest event. Don’t forget about Artsonia- each student’s online personal gallery. If you’d like to order any gifts from Artsonia.com, a portion of the sales goes back to the AZ Art program. Thanks for supporting the arts!

ArtNews Pic MarApril ARtNews Roseway Gala sculptures ARtNews Roseway Gala sculptures2 ARtNews Roseway Gala sculptures3 ARtNews Roseway Gala sculptures4 ArtNewspic MarApril

Nicole Brown

Frindle and Fables

Lots of things are happening in fourth grade right now.  We are working on our final grammar unit in ELA which is adverbs and prepositions.  We’re also still doing a lot of writing together and reading the book, Frindle.  We will be partnering up with Mrs. Huff’s 3rd grade class to do some activities and learn about fables and myths.  Math class is also on their final unit which is exploring measurement with multiplication.  We’ve done both those concepts in the past, but we’re now combining them and solving more complex problems.  I hope everyone enjoyed Quest as much as we did.  It was great seeing so many people there!

Clark Dauner

The Deck of Cards

So the kids love 340 Crossfit. You can see it on their face as they whine and moan during out WOD (Workout Of the Day) or when they complain how sore they are the next few days at school. This routine is called The Deck of Cards. Each suit represents a different exercise movement. You choose a card and depending on the # (ex. 8 of clubs) that’s how many repetitions you would do. You can do it with a partner or even do it solo. You just have to finish the deck. Jokers are wild and are always something special!

Check out the video here!

Justin Smith

Under the Sea in Pre-K – Kinder

We’ve had another busy month with the “Book Fair”, “Quest” and “The Week of the Young Child”! We hope that many of you ordered books for your children as they had a great time in the computer lab searching for the books they wished for. Our unit on “Under the Sea” was highlighted during “Quest”. The children made and played “Under the Sea Tic Tac Toe” made with recycled materials, fished for sight words in our fishing game and sang songs and did finger plays of creatures under the sea. We even performed the Pirate Song in front of the whole school!

In celebration of “The Week of the Young Child,” we took a field trip to the Agriculture Fair grounds where we were joined by children and teachers from many day care centers and pre-schools throughout the island. We had a lot of fun singing songs, dancing together, and meeting Elmo and Winnie the Pooh, too! We especially enjoyed lunch and riding on the bus!

Lin Pic 1 Lin Pic 2 Lin Pic 3

Lin Thomas

Differentiated Instruction Meets Book Reports

ELA I completed their not-so conventional books reports. The students were given choices on how to complete the book report. The choices ranged from making a short video, writing a letter to the author, to writing a song about a character. The students took these suggestions and ran with them. I am so proud of all the amazing work the student did. As a class we laughed and learned a lot about some wonderful books. Many of them inspired others in the class to read the other books. I am looking forward to seeing what the students come up with for the May book report!

Here is Jayden P. singing his book report – AZ Academy’s students are so talented!

Melinda Moran

Reading is Contagious!

Ms. Jill’s first and second grade students have developed into fabulous readers this school year!  They are eager to select books in the classroom and assess their comprehension of material read with our Accelerated Reader computer program.  After our first group presented projects related to Magic Tree House books, the entire group was excited to jump on the project bandwagon!  The presentations were beautifully done, illustrating understanding of stories read and providing an awesome introduction to public speaking.

Chelsy Pic 1 Chelsy Pic 2 Chelsy Pic 4

Chelsy Harris

Mrs. Eden’s Classroom News

ELA III – Students have been reading nonfiction texts, sometimes jigsawing. They take turns presenting their readings to the class so that everyone can learn about four different texts in the time it takes to read one. This group presented their text to the class and everyone took notes on their findings. See image.

ELA IV – ELA IV is incorporating more kinesthetic learning into the classroom to reinforce the language arts concepts. They are also working on their second research paper of the semester. These are much better than the last: sources are more reputable and the analysis is more fluid.

Math – Students are moving into geometry in relationship to algebra. We used manipulatives from kinder to ensure that the abstract concepts were concrete in students’ heads. See image of Javier using his shapes, courtesy of Ms. Lin.

Speech – Students have been working for weeks on their formal debates. This week they are presenting their debates and voting on which side won. They have been professional and good at concentrating on relevant points.

Gwen Eden

1st & 2nd Graders Staying Busy!

We have been super busy this month!  1st and 2nd graders have been reading like crazy!  They all did an excellent job on their reading project presentations.  Thank you to the parents who were able to come by and take a look at all of the projects at Quest.

In math the first graders are learning about place value and that digits are worth different amounts depending on where they are in the number.  They are also comparing 2-digit numbers with a cool “alligator” symbol!!  Second graders are learning about the attributes of geometric shapes, composite shapes and fraction concepts.

WHEW…just a few more weeks to go!!!!!

jill pic 1 (640x360) jill pic 2 (640x360) jill pic 3 (640x360)

Jill Carter

Multimedia Fables

The end of April marks mid-quarter 4, and we are as busy as ever!

In ELA, We began the month by honoring National Poetry month.  We enjoyed reading and learning about poetry.  Students were given a poem to recite and/or perform.  As the month continued, third and fourth grade joined forces to study fables and engage in character education.  We read many fables together including many Aesop classics to identify the life lessons that each fable taught.  Students did an excellent job applying these morals to their own lives.  We had great discussions about how to treat others.  We will be concluding the unit with a “Fables Festival”.  Students worked in groups to complete multimedia projects on an existing fable or were challenged to write their own.  They will present their projects on the day of the festival.  We have a puppet show, a play, a movie trailer, a couple of authors, and a comic strip.  It will be fun to see all their hard work come together!!

In Math, students did such an awesome job on our Area unit that we are moving on to Fractions.  It is important to keep students sharp on their multiplication skills, so please work with your child at home.  Multiplication is an important benchmark that needs to be established before entering 4th grade!

Michelle Huff

Lip Sync Battle

If you weren’t at Quest, then you missed an epic battle of gargantuan proportions. The students in the music program had the opportunity to showcase their dancing skills and stage presence and showmanship. I have a feeling this will not be the last time we do something like this. It will only get bigger and better. Here are links to a few videos…

Let’s Get Ridiculous

Love Myself

Mr. Smith