Reading Assignments

AZ Academy’s students are expected to read throughout the summer, and to verify this, students must complete book reports for 4 texts that are read.  More specific guidance for all students and book report templates for elementary, middle school, and high school students are outlined below!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Paula Heller.  She will be happy to walk you through the process to ensure that all students are successful this summer!



General Notes for All Students

Although fiction is naturally motivating to read, we encourage our students to read a balance of non-fiction as well since the Common Core State Standards call for a greater percentage of this type of reading as students’ progress through their schooling.  In fact, by the time students are in high school, 60% of their language arts reading will be non-fiction.  Therefore, for every 2 fiction books read, students should read a non-fiction book!

At the end of the school year, or as a part of the admissions process, students take a Star Reading test.  The results of this test include a ZPD score (zone of proximal development).  This is the recommended reading range for a student.  For example, Mauree Heller, if he were a 5th grade student, might have a ZPD reading range of 3.1 – 7.3, which means that he should read books that are rated as being appropriate for a 3rd grade first month student to a 7th grade third month student.  The general recommendation is that students read independently in the lower range of their ZPD.  However, if a parent is going to read a book to or read a book with their student, this recommendation can be ignored.

An email will be sent with your student’s user name and password, as well as their ZPD.  If you need any help, please call Ms. Paula at 340.718.7909 or 340.626-1989!

Book selection is critical for students – selections should be a book that interests them, it should be within their ZPD if read independently.  As you look at books to be read, go to to determine the reading level of books you are considering.  You can also download the App to your smart phone, so that you can easily look books up while at the book store or while shopping online.  The reading level is reported as BL: (book level).

Printed copies of book report forms can be printed directly in the elementary, middle school, and high school sections below.  Copies will also be available in the main office.  Students are free to choose whichever format best fits the book they have read!

All summer reading book reports are due on the first Friday of the school year, which is September 2nd this year!  Students should read 4 books and complete book reports for each this summer.  Those who meet this challenge will receive a special award at the beginning of the school year!

Recommended Reading Lists (but not required):

PreK – 2nd Grade Reading List

3rd and 4th Grade Reading List

5th and 6th Grade Reading List

7th and 8th Grade Reading List

High School Reading List

Middle School and High School Modified Reading List

Book Report Templates:

Book Report Ideas

Early Elementary Book Report

Elementary Book Report

Middle School Book Report

High School Book Report