AZ Academy believes people are curious life-long learners with unique qualities. A school should provide a supportive community with small group instruction to cultivate personal assets, enabling all students to reach their full potential.  Instruction must focus on mastering fundamentals as well as fostering higher order thinking skills. Differentiated teaching ought to address diverse learning styles using multi-sensory techniques.  The school environment should strengthen the whole child, promote positive attitudes and healthy lifestyles, and increase awareness of personal responsibility.  The purpose of education is to guide students to achieve their personal best at school, in their communities, and as citizens of the world.

AZ Academy Beliefs

  • All students achieve their maximum potential in a school that recognizes, values, and accommodates their unique abilities and interests.
  • Excellence is achievable. The curriculum is embedded with quality and engaging higher order thinking experiences; delivered by adaptive, well-trained, and emphatic educators.
  • The self-esteem of each student is promoted within the classroom and the school at large with the goals of creating positive attitudes about learning and encouraging awareness of personal responsibility; it is enhanced by positive, healthy relationships with peers, faculty, and staff.
  • Students are lifelong learners with an awareness of the importance of the connection between school and work.
  •  “Hardworking” is a personal commitment to give quality effort to every task; it is a key ingredient in the recipe for success.
  • A culture where honesty and integrity are the prevailing ethic is a critical foundation for realizing triumph and facing failure.
  • Purely focusing on academics is no longer an option for schools – we must address the social, emotional, physical and spiritual needs of all students for each individual to truly reach their potential.
  • Collaboration amongst students and staff ensure connections are made locally and globally to ensure a diversified view of the student’s role in creating and living within a changing world.
  • We believe students of today live in an evolving future and we must prepare them to confront new challenges; active and responsible local, national, and global citizenship is a priority for all students.
  • An academic program, while individualized to each student, is rigorous in its implementation throughout the school and community.