AZ Academy is a dynamic, small-group instruction program that was founded in 1998 to meet the socialization needs of a few home-schooled students. Over the last decade the program has captured the public’s interest as a high-quality educational alternative, and as a result, the school has grown steadily into a Middle States Association accredited Pre-K thru 12th grade program. The founders, Paula and Mauree Heller, have nurtured the school by focusing on offering small class sizes that provide differentiated instruction in a family-centered community.

In 2002, AZ Academy became a non-profit tax-exempt corporation and moved into its new campus at Cruzana Manor, 36 Estate Orange Grove. Over the next few years the Board of Directors was expanded, a 3-year strategic plan for growth was written, and the school received accreditation. A standards-based academic curriculum was defined and continues to be developed, while enrichment programs such as art, foreign language, physical education, and technology were added to the school’s offerings. In addition, the facility continued to be developed including the second level of the campus and the basketball court. Finally, the school established a development office that focuses on marketing, fundraising, and school events.

AZ Academy meets the needs of a wide variety of students in the rural community of St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands. The school has filled a distinctive niche in this diverse educational community, because it enrolls a broad range of skill levels, from students with learning disabilities and attention disorders (who need unique learning experiences) to advanced students (who need accelerated learning opportunities) all within the framework of small group instruction. AZ Academy embraces people of all races, creeds, and religions and whole-heartedly welcomes diversity in its school community.

Overall, it has been a tremendous decade of growth for a school that plays a vital role in education in the St. Croix community. Come see the AZ Difference!