Mauree Heller

Thank you for being part of the AZ community. I am the Program Director and co-founder of AZ Academy. I was born in New Jersey and studied Business Administration at GA State and Dekalb College in Atlanta. Before starting AZ, I worked in the fields of management, sales, and accounting. My roles at AZ are many including IT Director, Admissions Director, ,and Facility Manager. I am also involved with public relations, teacher observations, curriculum development,  math and discipline to name a few.

I am so happy that I became involved in education as it enables me to impact the lives of students and families. Please be assured that at AZ Academy, we never rest on any laurels or achievements, but rather continue to adapt to our changing world and strive for improvement and excellence. I look forward to working with you with the hope that you will become a lifetime stakeholder in the AZ community!