Luther Renee

Mathematics and Social Studies Instructor

Luther Renee attended the University of the West Indies at St. Augustin Trinidad, and the University of Miami, Coral Gables, Florida. He also holds teaching credentials from the St. Lucia Teachers’ College, Morne Fortune Educational Complex in St. Lucia. He hold degrees in Economics and History and a Maters of Science degree in Educational Leadership.

He was first employed as a classroom teacher at Good Hope School where he taught Middle School Math and Social Studies. He later became the Director of the Middle School, but continued to teach Mathematics.  After leaving Good Hope School he became the Director of Admissions and Academic Services at the University of the Virgin Islands, St. Croix Campus.

Teaching has always been his first love. During the period he was not employed as a full time teacher, he taught as an adjunct professor of mathematics and economics at the University of the Virgin Islands.

Luther Renee served as a Virgin Islands Senator during the 25th Legislature.  He was appointed as Assistant Commissioner of the VIDOA in April of 2007 after serving as a Senior Economist at the Bureau of Economic Research.  Mr. Renee also serves as the Vice President of Operations of the Board of Directors of the Agriculture and Food Fair of the USVI.  Mr. Renee is still a part-time professor at the University of the Virgin Islands.

Mr. Renee is happy to be working with an age group that he loves and he relates very well to them. He believes that all children can learn given the right environment.