Berlina Wallace

School Counselor

Berlina Wallace is a Dominican who has resided on St. Croix for the past twenty years.  She is a credentialed teacher who has earned a Bachelor’s Degree in English Secondary Education and a Master’s Degree in Education, Counseling and Guidance from the University of the Virgin Islands, Albert A. Sheen Campus.  Currently, she is enrolled in the Masters in Psychology, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Program at the University of the Virgin Islands. Ms. Wallace has had a ten-year career in education, nine of which she has spent serving the students and parents at AZ Academy.  She was selected as AZ Academy’s Teacher of the Year for the 2006-2007 school year. She is a member of the National Modern Language Association, the American Counseling Association, the American School Counselors Association, the American Psychological Association, Amercian Counseling Association of the Virgin Islands, and has served as President-Elect-Elect and President-Elect of the American Counseling Association, Virgin Islands Branch.

Currently, Ms. Wallace serves as AZ Academy’s school counselor.  She believes in AZ Academy’s philosophy, “AZ Academy believes people are curious and life-long learners with unique qualities. The school environment should strengthen the whole child, promote positive attitudes and healthy lifestyles, and increase awareness of personal responsibility.  The purpose of education is to guide students to achieve their personal best at school, in their communities, and as citizens of the world.” Ms. Wallace’s goal is to continue to provide guidance and support for the students on this campus and resources for their parents.  It is her belief that the nurturing environment that exists at AZ Academy along with the large network of community resources that are utilized on a regular basis create an educational environment that surpasses any other educational institution on this island.