Committees Descriptions and Goals

Strategic Planning

A plan that describes an organization’s goals for the near future and how these goals will be accomplished.  At AZ…

  1. This committee should make a 5-year sketch and a 2-year detailed action plan for increasing student achievement.
  2. It will oversee and work in partnership with most of the other committees.

Program Development

A program develops and takes direction from the quality of the experiential sum of the members of an organization.  At AZ…

  1. This committee will develop a plan for a one-year program that focuses on the academic, social-emotional, and community experiences for the student body.
  2. It will pay particular consideration to the development of the junior high and high school programs.
  3. It will work closely with the strategic planning committee.


The physical grounds of the organization that includes the interior and exterior of structures, the landscaping, the play areas, and the access roads. At AZ…

  1. This committee will focus on the assessment of the safety, security, and function of the current facility, and it will develop a short-term plan for areas that require remedy.
  2. It will also formulate a master site plan that incorporates key aspects of the strategic plan, and begin the process of acquiring architectural renderings and subsequently bids for the work to be done.


The money resources available to an organization, and the management of those funds.  At AZ…

  1. This committee will review the financial history of AZ Academy and gain an understanding of the current financial status of AZ Academy.
  2. It will review financial aid applications and the prospective budget for the 2005-2006 school year.
  3. It will make forward projections for AZ Academy and communicate with the strategic planning and program development committee about money resources.
  4. It will communicate needs to the fundraising committee.


The development and implementation of programs that attract money resources to the organization.  At AZ…

  1. This committee will develop a multi-faceted plan for developing the financial resources for AZ Academy.
  2. It will develop and coordinate events for raising funds.
  3. It will network within and outside of the community to build long-term relationships with donors.

Board Development and Evaluation

The promotion of the growth of the board of an organization, and the evaluation of that board and the administration.  At AZ…

  1. This committee will develop a board manual, an orientation process, and a cultivation process for attracting new members for the 2006 AZ Board of Directors.
  2. It will develop an evaluation process for monitoring the effectiveness of the board and the administration of AZ Academy.
  3. It will work with the strategic planning committee to develop evaluation processes for goals in the action plan.